Ways to Teach Your Kids to Code and Protect Them Online

When your kids are navigating the wide world of the internet, you always want to keep them safe and protected. With the vast amount of online resources and tools you can use to educate them, coding is a great way to keep them entertained while teaching them a new skill. Coding can teach kids fun and valuable skills like basic programming, website building, and more!

Here are resources that can help you teach your child how to code using your phone, computer, or iPad.

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How to Do an SSL Redirect

Secured HTTPS websites are slowly replacing HTTP websites. The reasons for this change are heightened scrutiny over data protection in the wake of numerous, large-scale data breaches, and maturing regulatory frameworks designed for use in cyberspace.

The European Union’s move to endorse the General Data Protection Regulations bill (GDPR) underscores the importance of data protection. This bill was drawn to protect sensitive data that consumers share online and to give customers and web users the security they need when they perform online transactions and divulge private details to companies over the web. Many modern browsers already comply with these laws, and they provide warnings to users—via a clear “this site is not secure” banner—whenever they venture to unsecured sites.

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